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January, MONDAY 23, 1865

Camp Holy 24 A.C. Stormy a gan today had Quite a long Ride in the forenoon The Col was Corps Officer of the day There was 4 four of our men Deserted to the Rebls Last night There was quite heavy Picket fiering & Some Artilery fiering On the Other Side of the James a bt 900 PM


Head Qtrs Camp Holy 24 AC I was out this morning at 4 oc. Went Colonel Kelouge (Kellogg, commander of the 123rd Ohio ?) to Show him the Rout as Col Wilds was So unwell that he could not go. Went the Rounds all Safe There was heavy Fiering all night The Rebls Came down to Dutch Gap with their Iron Clads we had quite Exiting time all day. Our Batterys Blowed up One & Grounded the other to


Army of the James

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